Treatment of discrimination complaints

Vizier prevents and combats discrimination.

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Discrimination is the unequal treatment of people based on characteristics that are irrelevant in a situation. You can think of origin, gender, skin colour, sexual preference, age, religion, disability or chronic illness.
For example, if someone is rejected for a job as a truck driver because he does not have a driver’s license, then that is completely justified. Having a driver’s license is required for the job and does not fall under any of the listed characteristics. Suppose the person is not hired because he or she is female, black, Muslim or gay. Then there is discrimination.
Anyone who has had a discrimination experience knows how painful it can be to be rejected for who you are, without looking further at what you do or can do.
People who are discriminated against may feel that their human dignity is affected. At work, discrimination leads to poor performance. Discrimination disrupts community and the atmosphere at school. Thus, it has harmful consequences not only for individuals, but also for society as a whole. It is therefore very important to report your experiences to us, because we have experience in guiding and supporting victims of discrimination.